Im the bes - GOP Congresswoman: ‘I’m the Best Example’ of the American Dream

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Experience: I’m the best Tetris player in the world

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I have a Galaxy phone so they're there is a video downloader app and then from there I edit all my videos throughout the phone or an Adobe video editor and post on Reddit Heads up though, delete your cache and data on Reddit thru your phone's app settings if your app takes too long to never upload vids if on mobile.

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  • All-Star Julius Randle talks about his fashion sense and declares himself as the best dressed New York Knicks player.

Experience: I’m the best Tetris player in the world

But judging from his current form, there is a huge probability he could be making yet another All-Star appearance.

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  • You know, Hispanics, the browns in this country, we don't want a handout.